2021 SHOWS


August 1 - 28, 2021

Opening: Friday, August 6th, 5 - 7pm

Closing: Saturday, August 28th, 8 pm, Live Music


Joanna Lentini is an award winning photographer and writer based in New York. 

Expanding her love of the outdoors and exploration, Joanna has dove all five Great Lakes in a 24 hour period, and spent 24 hours underwater in the Florida Keys.  She has snorkeled around ice sheets 600 miles from the North Pole, documented coral bleaching in the Maldives, and has been part of two expeditions to the Arctic to raise awareness about Climate Change.

Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 Audobon Photography Award, her writing and photography have been published and exhibited around the world.

Find out more: www.joannalentini.com