for contemporary artists with an inspired vocabulary


C.F.A.P. will be accepting submissions

for the upcoming 2020 year.

Submission Guidelines:  email only!  no cold calls please


Subject Line Must Read: KAS artist submission

Media: all media accepted within indoor parameters of a gallery 


                please send 3 single images attached to email saved as

                      yourlastname_title_size_media_year.JPG or TIFF

Additional Material: 

            Send a direct link to CV

            Send a clear link to any online websites/social media


About accepting work:  

           We are a contemporary art gallery looking for artists who offer a                     clear dynamic vocabulary within their work.  We are looking for                       consistent quality in use of the working media.  We accept work                     from local, national, and international artists.

What we expect from our artists:

           Artist talk : opening night

           Use of our logo on all printed material

           The show stay in tact for the full month of showing with us.

           (installation requirements, insurance, drop off, pick up will be specified in contract

               with Kastan Art Space after acceptance.)

What we offer:

          Online and in-gallery promotion: info about you

          Press Release

          KAS is already promoting in newspapers & magazines

          Review of any printed material 

Sales:  K.A.S. will not have an installation fee or application fee at this time.              We will accept 35% of all sales made at our art space during the                    time your work is with us. 

           *please note: review the given specifications of allotted space                                        below before sending us your work to review.


            **please give us time to review the work and get back to you.

Fine Art for Sale